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Buy New Personalised Digital Story DVD for Birthdays and othe special occasions

This is BBCA’s first venture into e-commerce and we know that people will enjoy the DVD and booklet they will receive.  It is a real treat for children to view and hear themselves taking part as a character in the story.   You can choose between a Lion and Rabbit Onesy.  Upload personal details to include in the story.   Click on the link to buy your personalised digital stories for your children.  The payment method is secured via paypal.   Mae hyn yn cynnwys stori yn y Gymraeg ar gyfer siaradwyr Cymraeg.

This will be the first of many stories available in both English and Welsh that brings together new technology with the ancient art of storytelling.


Breaking Barriers Community Arts and Digital Storytelling

Breaking Barriers Community Arts offers a range of services developed from our passion for storytelling.  Our main, but not only, area of expertise is digital storytelling.

We adapt stories into broadcast quality short films or digital stories.  The stories are told by the storyteller, normally using their own photographs and sometimes video.  We follow a method of digital storytelling that we learned from our involvement in the BBC Capture Wales project.

Much of what we do involves working on customised projects in close partnership with organisations.  We also make single commissioned digital stories.

Our digital storytelling methods have been used in many ways.  For example;

  • in presentations and awards ceremonies
  • marketing
  • evaluation
  • campaigns or to get a message across
  • bringing people together
  • letting otherwise silent voices be heard

Digital stories make wonderful gifts to mark a celebration or preserve a memory.  There really is a story for every occasion.

We also offer a programme of training, giving us the chance to share how.  We provide training though a range of topics.  These run from full training in digital storytelling to helping you present your story through PowerPoint or Photoshop.  Not to mention team building through our story circle sessions.


Digital Storytelling Feature of the Week

2014 is a year of commemoration and Breaking Barriers Community Arts is currently involved in a couple of projects focused on World War I.  This year, however, is also the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the Miners’ Strike.   We are looking to run a project on this other anniversary later this year; if you have any memories of that time please get in touch, as we would love to hear from you.  


In the meantime, here’s one we made earlier…!

















As a Welsh organisation we like to be able to embrace both English and Welsh languages where ever we can.

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