Month: March 2015

Rosie’s Letter by Joan Nash

A Torfaen at War Digital Story Rosie’s Letter Digital Story Transcript When did you discover the letters? Well my mother in law died in 1980 and we were clearing her house out after and weContinue reading

Phylis Jones’ Digital Story

A Torfaen at War Digital Story Phylis Jones’ Digital Story Transcript The only thing I really remember, my father he used to like his garden… He was a marvelous father in lots of ways becauseContinue reading

Torfaen at War Exhibition

 A Torfaen at War Digital Story Exhibiton Digital Story Transcript So could you tell me your name and rank? Lieutenant Neil Edmunds. And could you tell me what your role is in the cadets? IContinue reading

Torfaen at War

World War One Digital Stories & Interviews Breaking Barriers Community Arts were commissioned by Head4Arts in partnership with Torfaen County Borough Council’s Heritage Team on the Torfaen at War project which received funding from theContinue reading

Soul Song by John Roberts

Digital Story of the Week In the UK on Friday 20th March we will be able to experience a Solar Eclipse.  The last time we remember an eclipse that covered a large proportion of theContinue reading