Month: April 2015

Rosie’s Letters by Joan Nash

23 April is not only St George’s Day but it is also the World Book and Copyright Day and English Language Day. It seemed appropriate to chose a story about writing letters and so thisContinue reading

Battle of Monte Cassino by Tom Parfitt

This week sees the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Colditz Castle by the Allied Forces. Tom’s story is about the difficult Battle for Monte Cassino and talks about the camaraderie such hardship can inspire. ExternalContinue reading

Watching Life and Ducks Go By

  Why is it nice, especially on a sunny day, to stare out of the window aimlessly watching life go by, but doing the same on hold to HMRC leaves one stressed and annoyed?  SpendingContinue reading

Childhood Memories

The featured story this week was created on one of our Train the Trainers courses. It is a heartwarming recollection of childhood and of the excitement and wonder mysterious guests can bring. The story circleContinue reading

Music Is My Life by Mark Timothy

  As we are coming up to Easter we thought this story, about how music can bring a deeper understanding of faith, might be suitable. Religion and politics are the two subjects you are generallyContinue reading