Month: December 2015

India ’94 by Mair Sheen

  Digital Story Transcript This is Cath, Naomi and me outside St. Matthias Church in Madras. Cath and Nai had always travelled, and in ‘94 I got the chance to go to India with them.Continue reading

A Tale of Two Dogs by Julie Smith

  Digital Story Transcript I have two dogs… well, that’s not strictly accurate. I have legal and moral ownership of two dogs, but one of them is definitely my husband’s dog and the other oneContinue reading

Down Under by Aimee Phillips

  Digital Story Transcript March 13th 2004 was a sad day at Heathrow Airport, saying our goodbyes. It was time to leave, fourteen months away from my family; mam, dad, sister and grandparents, friends andContinue reading

Brighton Holiday by Natasha James

  Digital Story Transcript It was March, we were off to Brighton to have a train driving experience on the Bluebell Railway. It had been planned as a birthday treat for Gav’s dad, I’d organisedContinue reading

Aunty Droopy Drawers by Anna Chard

  Digital Story Transcript I remember as a young child, around five or six, being very excited at the prospect of a mysterious visit from Aunty Droopy Drawers. Aunty Droopy Drawers was my own specialContinue reading

Being Able by Malcolm John

  Digital Story Transcript In my past, vinyl records preoccupied so much of my life. And then radio seemed a natural progression for me. Now, thirty years on, I’m preoccupied by something very different: I’mContinue reading

Colourful Memories by Julie Smith

  Digital Story Transcript My parents used to own a boat. Don’t be too impressed, it wasn’t a yacht or anything. It was a two-berth cabin cruiser with a temperamental outboard motor. Apart from oneContinue reading

Fading Pictures by Simon Dando

  Digital Story Transcript We don’t keep photographs anymore, it’s all digital cameras and jpegs now. Saved on the PC and stored as a long, nonsensical list of digits where they solemnly wait for theContinue reading