Month: January 2017

Traffic Tragedy by Chris Titchener

A film by traffic officer Chris Titchener whose account of the road ambushes by striking miners lead to extreme measures by traffic officers.   by

The Media by Ian Johnston

The film by Ian Johnston describes the biased reporting from the media and the small group of striking miners that didn’t help themselves. by

The Banana Tip by Michael Winder

In this film Michael Winder explains a lucky happening which kept the miners and their families in coal during the strike. by

Support for the Police by Mark Waters

‘A toxic environment’ Police officer Mark Waters describes his account of the violence during the strike, particularly his experience of the different attitudes of striking miners towards the police. by

Striking Photo’s with Roger Tiley

An interview with photographer Roger Tiley who describes his attitude when photographing the strike in particular his experiences as he became swept up in the violence during the Battle of Orgreave. by