Month: January 2017

Snoring by Nick Bishop

  The film gives an insight into the comradery between policemen during the strike, by Nick Bishop. by

Rubber Duck by Chris Titchener

10-4 rubber duck! A film from a truck driver during the strike and his efforts to protect ‘life and property’. by

Pub Rescue by Ian Johnston

A film from a policeman giving aid to his friend’s son who was a striking miner when he was injured at Avon Mouth Docs, by Ian Johnston.   by

On My Whistle by Mark Waters

A film recalling, from the point of view of a policeman at the time of the strike, a peculiar standoff between police and strikers, by Mark Waters. by

My Pencil Case by Jo Meek Tucker

A film telling the account of Jo, a child at the time of the strikes and the service given to her and her family in difficult times, by Jo Meek Tucker. by

Llanwern by Mark Waters

A film from a policeman on the picket line who recounts his tasks during the miners strike, by Mark Waters.   by