World War I – A Valley’s View

A Valley’s View Digital Stories

Merthyr Stories

Caerphilly Stories

Uncle Willie

Fear of being Buried Alive

He Left for the Somme

I Deeply Regret

Black to White

Postcards from the Trenches

Tommy Barnes

Uncle Frank

A Certain Character

Battlefield Holidays


Family in World War One

Henry Drummond Murray

Grandfather’s Medals

My Father

In the Trenches

You Think You Are in the Bersaglieri?

Landing at the Dardanelles

My Grandfather

Lee Enfield Rifle

Private JJ Price

Royal Field Artillery

The Things We Found

Welsh Memorial

Western Front Association

Discovering Grandfather

Home For Harvest

Family Photos

Jim Glory

Lost Little Jack Jenkins


The Crips Brothers

Will Harper the Runner

William Owen Francis

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