About Breaking Barriers Digital Storytelling

Breaking Barriers involvement in digital storytelling started with BBC Capture Wales and went on to successfully run a range of projects and training for 5 years under the aegis of Caerphilly County Borough Council. To fully reach its potential, it needed to stand as an independent, sustainable social enterprise.

Breaking Barriers Community Arts was formed in late 2007 by like-minded people who have experienced the digital storytelling methodology. They realised its great potential as a community arts tool for individual development and community regeneration.  It became incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 25 March 2008 and has continued to run a range of projects since that time.  Meet our team here.

Breaking Barriers Community Arts received a Coalfields Regeneration Grant in 2010 which provided funding for the organisations sustainability.  It has been through this grant that Breaking Barriers has continued to grow and develop its range of products and services.

Breaking Barriers Vision and Mission Statement


Our vision is to be an innovative force contributing to the sustainability of the community arts sector in Wales.

  • Where everyone of every age, background, ethnicity and ability is encouraged and supported in using the arts to share their story
  • Where individuality is celebrated by using storytelling to explore the common threads of humanity
  • Where problems are solved through creative means
  • Where the community is involved in arts activities
  • Where confidence is improved and people encouraged to have fun celebrating their individuality and shared values
  • Where an archive of stories is created that evidences social history


Breaking Barriers is a community focused social enterprise, using the arts to transform and regenerate communities and lead to positive personal change.

Breaking Barriers, using inspirational professional arts practitioners, aims to transform individuals and communities by

  • developing education and training programmes
  • providing skills necessary for today’s workforce
  • Improving health and wellbeing through tools for self-expression


  • To be inclusive, working with all age groups and exploring imaginative ways of engaging people who are new to the arts or who experience barriers to participation.
  • To raise the aspirations and confidence of participants by providing inspirational, high quality arts experiences that also reflect the bilingual nature of Wales and its culture and heritage.
  • To work with the community to provide arts activities that increase participation, assists community cohesion and empowers individuals.
  • To understand the particular needs of a community and develop targeted arts activities, which have the potential to address the specific challenges faced.
  • To work with businesses, education and the public sector to promote arts activities as a tool for communication and engagement with their employees, customers and the wider society.
  • To share knowledge through storytelling and specific training programmes.
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