Blog On – Music Maestro, Digital Stories…oh and a Bunny

Well where has the time gone?  Most of it seems to have been taken up fretting about how the website simply wasn’t doing what we wanted, but enough of the moaning.  We now have a shiny new website, which seems to do what we want and need.  (Not wishing to tempt fate at all.)

Other things have also changed.  We told you that Bethan and Cariad moving on; well we now have Ryan on the team.  His quiet industriousness and low tea or coffee intake makes him an excellent addition to the team.  He is also musical and has produced a soundtrack for some of the digital stories, which is not only a wonderful accompaniment but makes such thorny issues as copyright much easier.  (Yes, yes I know I’m a Philistine.)

Another bit of news is that we have moved…well it’s not really news as it happened over a year ago and it was only upstairs, but we now share an artistic hub (office) with our good friends  Head4Arts.  Seriously, the collaboration between us has been beneficial to both sides and we are extremely grateful to Head4Arts for all their help and support.

You might see that we have a shop.  Its main purpose is to make available our home-grown personalised digital story for children.  The shop portal on the new website isn’t finalised, but bear with us as it will be up and running soon.  Of course, if you really can’t wait then drop us a line and we will sort out an order for you.  Developing the story was a complicated process, not to mention, as every story is unique through the addition of a picture of the child’s face and favourite toy or pet, time consuming.  But we think it’s been worth it.  Feedback so far has included;

“…she was mesmerised…”            CJ, Cardiff

“…squeals of delight at seeing her toy in the story…”       LS, Brynmawr

“…lovely idea for a gift…”             CS, London

We can also supply DVDs developed from the Voices of Conscience digital storytelling project, which was commissioned by the South Wales Area Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  The DVD was created for, and distributed free of charge to, all the schools, from primary to sixth form, in Wales.  It contains six bi-lingual stories, as well as teaching notes and copies can be supplied for £5.00 including postage – while stocks last.

And finally, those of you who knew the old site will probably be grief stricken at the apparent demise of the Breaking Barriers Bunny.  Well fear not, he has not expired and gone to meet his maker…he is only resting after a rather prolonged bounce.



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