Brian Day’s Digital Story

 A Torfaen at War Digital Story

 Brian Day’s Digital Story Transcript

His name was William Day. He was from Llanhilleth originally and he came to live in Sebastopol, brought a family up and went to the First World War of course. In Sebastopol there were quite a few heroes from the First World War. He never talked much but now and again if he’d had a drink he might start talking about it then. He told us once about, well this was during the First World War, he was in the South Wales borderers and he rescued a Belgian officer under fire because I think he was in the medical part of it. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre. If it had been a British officer I think he might’ve got the VC, I’m not quite sure about that. But he came back alright. He suffered many years after though with his legs because they were in the trenches, in the damp and he never got right. He was a barber after. Barber Day in Sebastopol was very well known. See there’s no one left in the family of the second generation which would be his sons because I’m the grandson. So we come a long way.

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