Carol Lewis’ Digital Story

A Torfaen at War Digital Story

Carol Lewis’ Digital Story Transcript

I’ve done quite a lot of research. It started about 10 years but without the internet then it was really difficult to find out stuff. But since they’ve started putting all the war records online it’s a lot easier and now the war diaries are coming online as well so you can find out exactly what they did, where they were. I found 7 ancestors who fought in World War 1. They’ve all got different types of stories. My one ancestor fought at Passendale, there was another at the Battle of Geluveld. A couple of them have had military medals for bravery. There was one who died in 1915, another one was involved with the Christmas day truce. There was a letter written home by a soldier who was serving with my great great uncle and he was describing the morning of Christmas day. The Germans were singing Silent Night so they started singing Heart the Herald Angel Sing and it sort of went from there. The Germans called them over so my great great uncle and another soldier went over. The German commander told them the men couldn’t leave their trenches so my uncle went over with food for them because they looked really terrible. He said they had a really good day that day but further down the line he had a friend who did the same thing as he did but the Germans went and shot. So he was really lucky.

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