Commemoration by Granville Hale

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Commemoration Digital Story Transcript

My name is Granville Hale. I’m a town councillor and I’m also a chairman of the Heritage association in Blackwood. I went to the war memorial down in Pontllanfraith and I saw a name and thought “is that a relation of mine?” So I got back and I was speaking to a friend of mine of the phone from Llanelli. “Leave it to me, Granville, I’ll find out”. So he found out it wasn’t a relative of mine. But what sparked it off was that this was the First World War and we thought it would be a good idea; Les, myself and Nick Hanes, to produce a book of those who died in the First World War. So we produced three books and we thought “well that’s a good idea” so we then said it would be a good idea to take the books to people rather than people go to war memorials and they’ve been on tour now for a year around Blackwood and District. They’ve been to around about 15 village halls, town centres and all that kind of thing. But the thing then accelerated from that and it’s now at the total of 32 books. So that’s around Wales. So after that that we thought we’d have another commemoration service at the library because they were launched in the March last year in the library. We thought it’d be a good idea if they came back there. But of course, they are going to the Winding House after that and we hope that we can leave them at the Winding House for a period of time to be on display in there.

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