Digital Storytelling Examples

The digital storytelling examples are organised into separate posts under the following categories.

Digital Story of the Week

We update this section on a weekly basis.  We search and find the most relevant digital story from the archives that fits with something relevant for the week.  This could be international, national or local news or something that we are keen to share with you…More

Digital Story Archive

This section is where our archive of stories are placed.  We link them to the projects where they were created, which provides the context for their creation.  We have a significant archive of stories.  We are working hard to make them all available on the site, and for purposes of accessibility we are transcribing all the digital stories, but we are not there yet.  It worth noting that not all of our stories have permission to be shown.  The rights of the storytellers are fundamental to our ethical conduct and therefore not all storytellers grant us the permission to share online…More


This section describes each project and links to the stories produced as part of that project.  It provides the context for each story.  Why they were made.  Who made them.  What were they for.  When they were made and how.  They also include stories made on our Digital Storytelling Training for Trainers course….More