Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is at the heart of Breaking Barriers Community Arts.  It’s the foundation of our work and was vital to every stage of BBCA’s development.  But what is it?

Digital Storytelling – A Product and A Process

In ‘business-speak’, we see digital storytelling as a process as well as a product.

  • The process involves the storyteller in the workshop.  This provides a safe and fun setting to help people share their story.
  • The product is the storytellers’ personal story made into a short video.  It combines a voice recording with still images and sometimes video.

We developed our working practice from our involvement in the BBC Capture Wales project.  Not to mention from our colleagues and friends and from 10 years of our own experience.

Our digital storytelling projects are designed to meet the different aims of our clients.  These include service improvement and confidence building.  We adapt the process to ensure it remains accessible and is fit for purpose.  The digital stories are also varied; different stories need to be presented in different ways and every storyteller brings new inspiration.

If you are not sure what a digital story is take a peek at our archive.  You will see what we mean about the variety of stories.  Not to mention the storytellers.

We remain true to the idea that the story is both written and recorded by the storyteller.  They always have control over how the story is developed.  Our role is to facilitate the process and offer our expertise.  We encourage the storyteller to get involved and, because it involves using computers, this can be a great way of including people digitally.

You might not be sure that digital storytelling will work for your organisation.  If that’s the case get in touch.  We have a lot of experience in creating the product and the process to suit our clients’ needs.  You don’t need to take our word for it.

…the entire process of digital storytelling is an incomparable and memorable experience, for the participant and the viewer. V.H Torfaen CBC

Breaking Barriers has established an unparalleled reputation as one of the leaders in digital storytelling in Wales, not only as one of the first organisations to be involved in working in digital storytelling but also because of its innovative and inclusive way of working. A.H Aberystwyth Arts Centre

I wanted to thank you and the Breaking Barriers team for your help with developing our tailored course to support our vision of using Digital stories to help us with service information, service development and user feedback… This would not have been possible without your support and adaptable attitude so many thanks. M.S Development Officer for Older People

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