Down Under by Aimee Phillips


Digital Story Transcript

March 13th 2004 was a sad day at Heathrow Airport, saying our goodbyes. It was time to leave, fourteen months away from my family; mam, dad, sister and grandparents, friends and my home. A nervous moment, but yet exciting at the same time, the trip was jam-packed with action and adventure, full of ups and downs and more ups and downs – sky diving, hot-air balloon rides, white water rafting, fishing and canoeing; meeting new friends for life and being reunited with old ones who had moved away; visiting famous landmarks and wonders of the world which I had only seen on TV.

Where do I begin? So many stories, so little time; firstly to the Red Centre, Ayers Rock; three nights under the stars with the bugs, barby and a tinny; Kakadu National Park, the scene of Crocodile Dundee. Watch out for those crocs! From one extreme to another, from the dry Red Centre to the Great Barrier Reef, where the rainforest meets the reef, spending time finding Nemo.

Surfing lessons and hang-gliding in Byron Bay. Then a climb up the Harbour Bridge to see the sights of Sydney: The Opera House, Darling Harbour, New Year’s Eve celebrations on a cruise around the harbour. My trip to Australia, exhausting. Homesick? Yeah right, I couldn’t find the time.

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