Edith Cobner’s Digital Story

A Torfaen at War Digital Story

 Edith Cobner’s Digital Story Transcript

I think he was just a private as far as I Know. He was a very stern man you know, he wouldn’t have any nonsense. He was pretty strict he was. Very tall man, 6 foot 1 I think it was. Very good looking man and he had big feet and big hands. I remember that because I have big hands. He used to say to me “you’re following me darling don’t worry”. Well I have 3 brothers that are all older and a sister. He would talk about it to them but not to me or my sister. After the war he was up the furnaces in Blaenavon. Now the furnaces must be fires but i don’t really know what he did but he worked there in Fortside. There was no money about after the war and my father didn’t have a job when he came out of the army and there was a place in Caernarfon just down below. They opened up and would have the men in for work but not for money but they could have everything cheaper. Their food and our clothes and all that. He would make enough so he could go out on a Saturday night and have a couple of pints. That was his treat. When he wasn’t working he used to go up the pit and pick coal. He’d pay so much a week so he was allowed to go up there and he’d fill up sacks and go and sell it to have some money because the dole was so small. So he did that a lot. He had 2 allotments and a big garden in our home. Dad grew vegetables and all that so we never starved. We always had plenty.

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