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It is often a strange experience, making a digital story.  This was the first story I ever made on the Breaking Barriers Train the Trainer digital storytelling course.  On the second day of the course, after spending the first day in a story circle and learning about how to write a script, we read it out loud. I remember getting very emotional when I first read this out to the group.  All the emotions of the holiday spent in Brighton came flooding back to me.  I was very tearful.

We have come to understand when running digital storytelling workshops that people  can often become very emotional when they review their story.  And it is useful, if like me you want to run digital storytelling workshops that you experience this for yourself.  It helps you to empathise with the participants and understand the emotions connected with making a story.  The process of digital storytelling can often be part of helping an individual or a group to work through their feelings about anything that matters to them.

We have been very fortunate throughout the years to have been part of this process for many people.

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