He Left for the Somme by Anthony Edwards

A Valley’s View Digital Story

He Left For The Somme Digital Story Transcript

My great grandfather Thomas Edwards joined the army in 1915. He was with the Remount Squad, Army Service Corps. He was based in Swathing and then he went on to France. He stayed there basically until he finished. He loved horses he worked with them day in day out and come to the army then and was a haulier. He just spent his life with horses, it’s wonderful. I watch the film War Horse and think “This is what he was doing”. My father told me he had to take a load of horses over to the Somme. They were under fire and apparently they had the big screen there because they were transporting goods and ammunition and whatever out to the front line. He was a good old chap; he was only 5ft 1. He enlisted and said goodbye to his wife. IT must have been a buzz seeing all these men marching off down to the train station and down to Cardiff. I try and imagine what it must have been like; it must have been a hell of a sight. Leaving behind a 5 month old baby and another 4 toddlers and a “I’ll see you soon” kind of thing.

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