Henry Drummond Murray by Annie Burnell

A Valley’s View Digital Story

Henry Drummond Murray Digital Story Transcript

My name is Annie Burnell and I live in Caerphilly in South Wales. My grandfather went off to the First World War, he was in the army. His name was Henry Drummond Murray and he named my father exactly the same, Henry Drummond Murray. I have a photograph of him, he died when I was quite young so I didn’t have very much to do with my grandfather, but we have photographs of the past. I remember thinking, looking at the dates of when the war was and looking at my grandfather’s history and his family, that he actually went off to war and left his wife with 4 young children at home which amazed me. I don’t really remember off hand how old he was but I thought how amazing that someone would go off and leave their wife with 4 tiny children and go off to fight in the First World War. Luckily he came back. If he was anything like my father I would imagine it was his choice to go. My father also fought in the Second World War and he went off through choice so I imagine that his father would have done the same.

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