Hurtling to our deaths! Our mining experience.

Hello my dears and welcome back to my musings, a thousand apologies for the gap since the last post, things are been busy back at breaking barriers HQ. I thought i’d share with you our near(ish) death experience when out on a trip with our Power group. We went down to Big Pit  for one final reach out event, we were able to record a fascinating couple of pieces from some local community members (our showcase event is on the 10th Jan, keep your eyes peeled).
Onward to the near dying bit! So off we jaunt down the pit, helmet on, phones and cameras confiscated we were ready. Now it might sound silly but I had not factored in the fact that the mining was done very deep underground, you can see my gleeful face before that realization- not a care in the world.  Then, dear readers cast your eye to the man below, the miner. He knows whats up.
emily    15384453_10154126805905895_6268781820644302333_o
So they cart you into the lift (grill sides just to make you feel safe-NOT) and down you go, now I can’t remember the exact number of meters down but it was probably about a million. 10 mins later we emerge.







Joking aside, it was a fantastic experience, would highly recommend. The lads working down there have all been miners and they have great banter. Be careful though, I was the smallest and weakest of the group and they did pick on me to go first down all the deep dark walkways!

Look out for our POWER videos- Till next time!




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