I Deeply Regret by Mary Owen

A Valley’s View Digital Story

I Deeply Regret Digital Story Transcript

My grandmother’s young brother. He wasn’t all that young, he was in his 30s. He had been a collier and he went in 1914 to Northern France with the British Expeditionary Force. He helped them in setting the trenches and did valuable work. I have a letter that tells my grandmother that he was killed in January 1916. The letter is written by his officer who writes a very nice tribute to him. The letter describes his burial in the evening with others who had been killed. A bomb had exploded when he was in the resting house. Apparently they would have a few hours at the front, a few hours further back and a few hours to rest and that was the rotor of the day. Whilst he and 4 others were resting they were blown up. He describes the burial; they laid him between a man of the Yorkshire and a man of the Wesser and they sang a hymn and he read a passage from Ecclesiastes over the bodies. That letter is still with me and it’s a very moving thing to read.

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