In The Trenches

A Valley’s View Digital Story

In The Trenches Digital Story Transcript

Dear my darling sweetheart Jodie. I am in the trenches somewhere in France. I Hope you are feeling well and in the best conditions. I am feeling well but quite tired here but other than that everything is fine. The weather here is lovely. Sometimes it rains but the sun is mostly out and there are always rainbow in the sky. It is really like being on holiday.

Hello John, I do hope you’re taking care of yourself, I certainly am. It was a smashing idea to bring the jam jars down here. We have nice food but I lost my knife to spread the jam. I also gained a friend, the dentist; I speak to him a lot actually. Over here everything is super.

Dear mother, I’m in France. I hope that you’re having good weather We’ve had some rain otherwise things are absolutely peachy. I’m feeling well at the moment in my spotless trench. Hope to see you soon, Jordan.

To my darling sweetheart, the weather is delightful. It is nice and hot here somewhere in France. It’s just like being on holidays. You haven’t got to worry about me I’m doing just fine. I miss you dearly and cannot wait to see you again when I return home.

Dear mam and dad. I am enjoying the food, Hope you are warm by the fire. I miss you and miss sitting by the fire with you. I got sent back to base for a rest. Hope you’re taking care of the family. Hope you’re feeling well and taking care of Molly. How is she? Still crazy? Love from Ethan.

I have made 2 new friends whilst I have been here. I miss sitting down with you at dinner and talking about our day. I look at your picture of you and the baby every morning, it helps me start the day off being happy. I’ll see you soon. From your husband John.

Disloyal Talk

I hear the Germans like spuds. We should grow extra and make a house for them to live here. There is a rumour going round that Germans can’t spell. Should we give them lessons?

I heard that Germans like fresh warm bread so I might make them some. I might get a football to play with them because I heard they are really good at football. I also heard that Germans like lots of beer so I might buy them a barrel or two.

I think that one day all of us should go and visit Germany. We should move to Germany because they have well grown crops. I fear that Germans are going to raid us soon.

I hear Germans like schnitzels we should make huge ones. I hear the Germans have hidden tanks in England we should find them. When the Germans arrive we should start a greeting parade. The rumours are that the Germans are developing vehicles to drive under water.

I’ve heard that the English are dying in the trenches so when the Germans come over we should pour them a pint.

Ducks Breakfast

I’m dreaming of powdered milk the shade of sludgy snow. Or some home-made jam with strawberries hand-picked by your loving hand. Maybe some chocolate the shade of mud but with the taste of fruit and nut.

I’m dreaming of tasty chocolate that’s almost as good as our biscuits. Our dried milk that can sweeten up even our great tea.

I’m dreaming of fruitcake chocolate and jam. But I’ve got corned beef and biscuits. I’m dreaming of clothes that are almost as clean as the water. I want to come home but its okay hear.

I’m sitting here in a trench eating a nice tin of corned beef. Some say its dreadful but I think its fine. Sometimes however, I dream of a tin of nice juicy salmon and a jar of fine jam. I think of a nice bit of chocolate which I would almost choose over the dentist’s friend. Sometimes I simply miss the comforts of home.

No Man’s Land

No man’s land, dark and gloomy. No animals no trees no birds. No hope left in the men that lay in the squelching mud shot down that day.

No man’s land is nothing more than the cesspit for spilt blood.

It is called no man’s land because nothing grows there. There is no colour except from the flares. Death was the only thing that was there.

No man’s land was the colourless hell where death awaited the soldiers. The area where nothing grew and the smell of rotting flesh would stay with you for a day and a night.


Oh I wish I could return to blighty. Only if the Germans would do me a favour and shoot me in the shoulder.

I could pit myself with a gun and blame it on the Germans so I can have a break.

I want to have a piece of shrapnel in the eye to send me back.

This war is terrible. Why can’t the enemy help me by shooting me in the ear?

If only I had a broken rib and a broken leg I could get sent back to blighty.

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