India ’94 by Mair Sheen


Digital Story Transcript

This is Cath, Naomi and me outside St. Matthias Church in Madras. Cath and Nai had always travelled, and in ‘94 I got the chance to go to India with them. We had just found Naomi’s great grandparents’ marriage records dated 1865, what a great start to our holiday. We travelled over three and a half thousand miles in two weeks.

India was fab, truly amazing and full of colour. We saw temples, holy men, markets and beautiful countryside. The best bit for me was the day trip to Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. This is part of Operation Tiger, India’s conservation project. The safari was by minibus, we saw sambar, spotted bucks and amazingly a herd of elephants. They just appeared out of the bush like they was checking us out. I couldn’t believe it, elephants are my favourite animals and to see them in their natural environment was truly special and something I will never forget.

When we got back to the base we had the chance to go on an elephant ride. Whilst we were waiting we were kept entertained by a baby elephant that was running about. He (I say “he”, he may have been a “she”) was into smelling everything in sight. He came up to me and I was able to stroke his head and trunk. We started playing with a stick and he got very excited, a bit too excited for me. I ended up running away, much to everyone’s amusement. But let me tell you, baby elephants are big.

We went on the elephant ride with the baby and its mother following us. The sun was setting, the birds singing their evening song and we were being gently rocked by this enormous, graceful creature, and all the time the baby elephant running about.

This was fifteen years ago, I don’t get to see Cath and Nai much now. But this trip was something that will always remind me of them and the best day trip of my life.

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