Inspiring Stories: Conscientious Objectors

Hello readers and welcome to ‘Digital Story Of The Week’!

This week is a throwback to our ‘Voices of Conscience’ project, a collection of stories told by family and friends of conscientious objectors and modern peace makers.
I found this interview with Donald Saunders particularly remarkable and inspiring.
As someone whose grandfather served in the WWII, I was often regaled with tales ‘from the front line’ however I’d never really heard somebody retell family histories of the war from the point of view of a conscientious objector. These individuals seem to me, to be among the bravest of that generation,  lives and liberties were voluntarily given up as they were forced to defend their beliefs and values not from an unknown foreign invader but from their friend’s and local communities.

This is their story.

This project was made in collaboration with Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the stories were put together for the purpose of sharing and learning from the experiences of our storytellers.

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