It’s Emily and we’re back!

Hello community art enthusiasts, faithful followers of Breaking Barriers and general creative people!

Perhaps you are new to this delightful blog and if so, my fresh faced greenies you are in for a treat! For the low down on Breaking Barriers Community Arts (HENCEFORTH REFERRED TO AS BBCA) head over to our brand spanking new but still-needing-more-pics-so-don’t-judge About page and read up about us at your own leisure.

Right on to the important stuff- I’m a newbie on the BBCA team, i’m Emily and hello to you all! My official title is ‘Community Promotions Officer’ which basically means that I am in charge of getting this amazing organisation on the ‘online map’, as it were. Here is a rather embarrassing office selfie. My co-workers gave me rather perplexed looks as I tired to ‘find my light’ but no doubt you readers will understand this struggle.

emily-intro-postTimes are changing at Breaking Barriers!
NEW WEBSITE- please do bask in all it’s nearly-finished glory
NEW PROJECTS- ones that you can engage with online- who doesn’t want to ‘get their creative juices flowing from the comfort of their own home?
COMPETITIONS- er prizes, need I say more?
ONLINE TUTORIALS- have Premier and Photoshop always been a mystery to you- well bare with us and we’ll set about changing that.

Also, for our welsh followers or indeed anyone who happens to find themselves in our little part of the world- not to forget the opportunities to get involved in our community art events which we host near our office in a whole assortment of locations in the beautiful welsh valleys.

In the next couple of hours- hold on to your hats because I will be announcing the ‘Digital Story Of the Week’ from our a-mazing digital story archive, branding the specially selected video with a sticker for all the world to see and posting away about it because I think you guys need to see how marvelous it is. For those that have worked with us, keep your fingers crossed that it’s you because for that one week you have bragging rights- never a bad thing.

I wanted to include a little vlog video from my tech wizard colleague Tash’s journey on her way to film a digital story last week. A happy mistake when the satnav takes you the long way.

We encourage you to share our posts with friends and family, connect with our online networks particularly our facebook.

Till next time!

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