Meet Adam: An 11 year old poetry inspiration!

Hello Readers and a happy wednesday to you!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, you’ll know the Breaking Barriers team have recently finished one of our longest projects yet, our 1 1/2 year project titled ‘Power’ all about the 1984/85 miners strike (See the videos here!)
We did everything from hosting storytelling workshops to training up locals in using voice recording software. The highlight for us was to be able to see communities genuinely come together and be given a platform to share their memories and family histories. We realised that although the strike was very dividing in the area, the Power project was able to give a voice to those involved, uniting young and old in recounting and sharing these important experiences.

Now on to a very special person who very well might be the next Dylan Thomas! He is a relative of a participant and we are fortunate to be able to share with you, our dutiful readers, his beautiful poem.

Now sit yourself down with a tea, coffee or perhaps a hot chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous, and have a read of young Adam’s poem.


power poem



Poem by Adam
Aged 11


From the murky depths

Rises the cage

Men of dusty black skin

And cracked dry mouths

Pickaxes glinting

And deep below

The hallowing cries of pain


And up the hill

Like a line of soldiers

To the haunted ruins

Echoing sounds

Of ancient ritual

And of music and men of Harlech


After a bath

In a large tin basin

A restless night lies ahead

As Sunday approaches

The male voice choir

Sings for the church

Drwyr nos

“Nice son, Walter” and

“Looking forward to school, Joseph?”


The next day

To the pit

And an echoing bang

As rock crushes flesh and bone

Leaving with a doomed leg

And a lung full of soot,

He should never work again

For better or for good.


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