Margary Gunter’s Digital Story

A Torfaen at War Digital Story

Margary Gunter’s Digital Story Transcript

We lived in a little bungalow down the end of the grounds here and I had a single bed at the foot of their double bed. My father was a miner around here. They had a very hard life, a very hard life. But still it was a job. He never went drinking in the pubs or nothing like that. That’s what they used to have, Saturday nights in the pub. No, he never used to do that. He was a home bird. A lot of the men instead of paying to go to see the rugby match they’d come down through this field of ours and stand and look over the wall. My mum used to dig the garden and we always had fresh stuff out of the garden, potatoes, cabbages, carrots. There was like sort of a wash house. No water in the house and there was a tap out there where you had to fetch all your water in and my father used to have a tin bath and bathe in front of the fire. He used to have a cow or 2 and horses. I remember I thought I was great because I had a pony that I could ride. He didn’t have them long though I think he found it too much.

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