Need help being productive-this group has the answer.

Hello all and a very happy Wednesday to you! Half the week is done! Hoorah! Do you have that beautifully satisfying feeling attached to a productive week, the self indulgent relief where lists have been checked off, nagging jobs completed and the bombsite that is your bedroom/kitchen/bathroom has been momentarily silenced? Not done any of these things-well hey neither have the rest of us! Now I don’t know about you but sometimes it takes a little bit of inspiration to get me going. Keep reading for that very thing!

We at Breaking Barriers have been delivering what is known as arts awards for a couple of years now- for those that are not familiar its a program of engagement. To cut a long winded explanation short creativity and project management skills are developed by participants of all ages and the power is given back to them when it comes to their learning. Sounds great right? Usual teachers are replaced by us for the sessions and we come in as an artist who aims to facilitate that learning. Its an immensely rewarding job! We wanted to share with you our group of young people from Heol Ddu School’s LRC, who, when it comes to productivity and maybe just giving things a crack, they have the magic formula, a little inspo-why not? Their self lead projects use print making skills, drawing techniques and collage to express themselves.

Behind the scenes of Arts Award


All students at Heol Ddu School’s LRC no longer attend full time school and have been enrolled on a different program of study aimed at keeping them in education.

Angharad, 15,  said about the project ‘My favourite part so far has been showing people my work’, ‘I’ve really enjoyed learning how to use pastels and how to do proper shading, i’ve got a lot better, Natasha teaches me in a way that I understand and I’ve been able to try out new things ‘.

Cameron, 13, who took the photographs for this blog post said ‘It’s been pretty good, Tash has been teaching well and i’ve been doing well, and I want to do more’, ‘I didn’t think about doing this kind of thing before but here I really feel supported to do things’.

We love working with this group and are looking forward to the next few weeks of learning together.

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