Peeing in a gallery- all will be explained!

Kickplate Gallery Visit // Coal Faces Changing Places // Roger Tiley


Hkickplate-gallery-credit-ffotonello marvelous people! I really wanted to do a post about a spectacular little gallery that has been steadily gaining momentum, Kickplate Gallery based in Abertillery should be on everyone’s culture maps and i’ll explain why!

We recently took a group of budding volunteers come digital story apprentices’ who are involved in our Valley Mining Strike project called POWER, to Kickplate because TA DA! They had a show on by extraordinary magnum photographer Roger Tiley, who documented the miners in full candid glory- as well as allimg_5418 the quirky goings on in the mines just before the troubles started.

It offered the chance for people of the area to get in touch with the history as it was told, not by the police or a polished version from your school history books, but by the miners themselves in the boldly and beautifully mundane moments of their lives.

Now for the silly title explanation but as you can see dearest reader chum it is backed up by photographic evidence! …I might’ve bent the truth slightly but as the shrewd readers amongst you will see, there IS a man waving a hose pipe around in a rather hilarious manner, and it WOULD of been a shame, really, not to give this miner his time in the limelight.

That’s what we loved about Roger Tiley’s show, his work with the miners is really something anyone can get their teeth into, he shows the miners as personable human beings and captures their lives in a way that reveals more than just their occupation, it has soul in there too.

I myself am new to the area and in all honesty *slightly ashamed* to say that I knew next to nothing about mining. I greedily made my way through the show, soaking up the lives of these people and found common ground amongst the valley locals who have been so shaped by the changes to their working lives and landscape. Indeed it was a show to beat all shows!

We purchased the signed copy of the book from the gallery purely because of it’s brilliance, and we encourage anyone interested to purchase from: here and to wet your appetite dearest readers I’ve made a little video preview!


Top left: Wagon Crew, Celynen South, 1982

Top right: Ffoton



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