Postcards from the Trenches by Pantysgallog and Gwaunfarren Primary Schools

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Postcards from the Trenches

I love you so much mam and dad. I can’t wait until the war is over because it is wet, smelly, soggy and there is rats running everywhere. My friend demi is okay but she hurt her leg but she is okay and the food is yuck. Love from Lacy Phillips.

Hi mam and dad. It is horrible in the trenches. There are rats bigger than cats. The food is horrible, I had beef stew. Everything is okay. My friend Sam is okay too. I love you. My hearing isn’t that good because of the big bombs dropping. Lots of love from Rhys, your lovely son.

Dear mum, it’s been raining all month and I think I’m getting a trench foot. I do not try to talk about it much. It’s really muddy and the rats are absolutely huge. I really miss home. Peter Rickson nearly lost his whole leg but he only lost his foot. That was enough for him to go home. I don’t get much sleep because of the bombs falling every five minutes. Demi got shot in the chest and is having continuous breathing problems and is still bleeding badly. Yuria luckily survived getting stuck in the barbed wire twice. Lots of love, Isabella.

To mum these trenches are horrible. Being the medic is hard enough dealing with blown off legs and all sorts. The trenches are damp and soggy. I’m aching all the time. How’s the home? I hope you’re alright. I’ll see you soon, love Sydney.

Dear ma, I miss you lots but I can’t back down. I don’t know which are worse; the bald rats or the pesky lice but I’ll be home for Christmas. I hate the trenches in the winter. Not to make things worse the tea is like water. Ollie woke up with a face full of mud from the trenches. Love you lots mam, Sunny.

Hi dad the war is still going on. There are rats bigger than cats. Hope you join. Hope I see you soon. Food is not nice but it will do. Love Sam. And by the way Rhys and Kieron and Rio is okay and my other friend James lost his leg. By the way love you. It will end by Christmas. I can’t wait for your pancakes. Love from Sam.

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