Postcards from The Western Front

A Torfaen at War Digital Story

Postcards from The Western Front Digital Story Transcript

Dear dad, how are you? What’s it been like fighting at war? Life is hard, I guess. We need you home. Mum is still burning the food. School life is good, getting harder as the day go by. Tommy took his first steps the other day and he started saying Dadda. Anyway, I better go as its time for bed. Not a second goes by when I don’t think about you. Miss you millions, Taylor.

To my true lover. I am writing to you today because we had the order to go over the top and to attack the enemy trench. There was a group of us who jumped in a trench and there were 6 Jerries that were dead and looked so peaceful. But we had no food and no lucky stripes. So we took what we needed and left the rats to eat but the smell was nicer than the bread and our clothes. But last night my best friend Joe was shot by a sniper at 20 hundred hours but looking at him I thought I would never remember I promised him I would write to his family. I miss your beautiful eyes and I miss the warmth of you. Miss you loads. Sergeant Smith Simon. PS, see you soon, my love.

Dear Captain Miles. How’s life on the front? I hope those Jerries haven’t got the better of you yet. Tell the men they’ll be home in time for Christmas. Probably. May the luck of the day be with you. Major General Joe Ashton, OBE.

Dear Jackie. How’s school? Life here’s hard but good. How are you and mum? I had to bandage up a head wound today and it was infected. We had to go to the officer’s tent because we got in trouble because we had to go out onto the field because someone had an injury. Look after your little sisters and don’t forget to look after your mum. Don’t worry, I will be home soon and make sure you don’t forget your mums shopping. Yours Sincerely, Dad.

Dear loved one. I am missing you like mad. There are loads of explosions and lots of people have died. There are rats, it is wet and cold. There is no comfort at all. I have not lost any arms. I have not got shot yet.

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