A Heritage Lottery Funded digital storytelling project about the 84-85 Miners Strike. The project took place in the South Wales Valleys and was supported by organisations such as Big Pit National Coal Museum and Aneurin Bevan Trust. Workshops were set up to teach volunteers how to record stories and some of the stories have been gathered using this method, including one volunteer who created their own film.


Worked Throughout  |  Traffic Tragedy  |  The Silent Wheels


The Railway |  The Orgreave Horses   |   The Media


 The Banana Tip | Thatcher and Scargill | Support for the Police


Striking Photo’s | Striking Art | Start of the Strike


Snoring | Rugby Club | Rubber Duck


Pub Rescue | On My Whistle | My Pencil Case


Memories of Orgreave | Llanwern | How It All Started at Six Bells


Hospital | Hatred | Food Banks and Fund Raising


Flooding | Dad | Charge


Chained Up | Caged In  | Auntie on the March


Arrested | 39 Pits In Area 9 |


With thanks to photographers:
Paul Conklin – find his work here 
Martin Shakeshaft – find his work here 
Roger Tiley  – Find his work here

With thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for making this project possible
HLF Compact

Comments from Participants:

“I think that Breaking Barriers is possibly the best community arts project in the valleys. Natasha handled my interview with the utmost professionalism. The highest compliment I can give her is that I have been interviewed on HTV for a Sunday morning arts show about my book The silent wheels, and Natasha was just as good at her interview procedure as the HTV presenter was, and he was very good. The power project I think will keep the stories of the coal mines alive, and will I think will also help to keep our heritage of the mines, alive for our children to look back on” – R J

“I found it to be fair and balanced and a factual reflection of those very difficult times. An important part of social history. As one miner said- the strike was more about the wills of Mr Scargill and Mrs Thatcher- less about jobs and the industry!” C T


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