The Greatest Fight Back Ever Probably by Gavin Bennett


Digital Story Transcript

So here we were, two of the greatest football teams in the world. About to compete for the right to be crowned champions of Europe, by winning the 2005 Champion’s League final. The build-up was tense, with both sets of supporters aware of the dangers the other team possessed. The atmosphere was electric, the air warm, thick with the smell of sulphur from the flares, burning like bright red beacons of hope in the night sky.

The teams enter the arena to an eruption of cheer and the red army breaking out into the spine-tingling chorus of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, scarves lifted high into the Turkish sky. The game kicked off and before you could draw breath, the first half had come to an end. The giant scoreboard reading “Liverpool: Nil, AC Milan: Three”.

The Liverpool end of the stadium fell into an almost silent whisper, everyone in deep shock to what they’d just witnessed. The half-time interval of ten minutes felt like a lifetime, with everyone wondering: “Can we pull this back, or is the dream simply over?”

The teams re-enter the field with standing ovation, and possibly the loudest rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I have ever heard. I remember the look on Steven Gerrard’s face as he looked up at me with almost a tear of pride in his eye… and with that, it began. Probably the greatest fightback ever, from three-nil down to three-all at the end of the ninety minutes, with Liverpool going on to win on penalties.

Once again the stadium erupted. Liverpool: The Champions of Europe, the truly amazing fightback. What a game. How I wish I could have been there.

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