Train the Trainer Digital Stories

Digital Story Training – The Stories

These stories were created during our Train the Trainer Digital Story Training. They were made by the participants, on various courses, over five to six days and under the tutelage of our trainers.

They cover the widest possible range of human emotions, from the small triumphs to major adversity and from unbearably sad to ludicrously funny.

The Gift – Mandy Sprague

Was it a Miracle – Alan Gurney

Hungry Walkers – Meg Gurney

The People are Coming – Romy Shovelton

Fading Pictures – Simon Dando

Colourful Memories – Julie Smith

Being Able – Malcolm John

Aunty Droopy Drawers – Anna Chard

Brighton Holiday – Natasha James

Down Under – Aimee Phillips

Big Boys Toys – Caroline Dearden

The Greatest Fight Back Ever…Probably – Gavin Bennett

A Tale of Two Dogs – Julie Smith

India ’94 – Mair Sheen



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