Watching Life and Ducks Go By



Why is it nice, especially on a sunny day, to stare out of the window aimlessly watching life go by, but doing the same on hold to HMRC leaves one stressed and annoyed?  Spending minutes, sometimes even hours, on hold watching your life ebb away, listening to inane music, is somewhat depressing.  Do not worry this isn’t going to be a rant about HMRC or even call centres (it already is, Ed.) It’s more a reflection on why sitting staring at nothing in particular can on the one hand be pleasurable, whilst in slightly different circumstances it is intensely frustrating.  But why should that be the case?  The obvious reason is choice; the first scenario is a choice the second is enforced and few of us like being made to do anything.  Perhaps though, we should embrace such ‘opportunities’ and allow ourselves to enjoy them?  Living in the moment is said to be the key to happiness, so don’t dismiss the idea too quickly.  It’s also called mindfulness and the NHS even has a quiz about it! … … … No?  Alright, it was just a thought.

On the subject, though, of staring out of windows I was reminded yesterday of a newspaper cartoon.  It featured a bear walking in, as you might expect, the woods.  He said something like, “…as you get older you get easily distrac…oooh look a duck.”  The reason I was reminded was a duck flew by the window. ‘So what?’ I hear you cry; well isn’t it obvious…it was a duck…and it flew by the window.

That’s the trouble with people nowadays, no sense of wonder.

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